Over fifteen years ago I began my design career at a small startup doing touch screen interfaces for kiosks, animations and web design. I then steadily worked in print, packaging, and even dabbled in toy design before returning to digital work. No matter what I was designing, or how unfamiliar a medium was, I always embraced challenges. I brought my love of learning, listening, and problem solving to Microsoft. There I developed structured processes and principles as a UX designer. Collaborating in cross-functional teams allowed me to develop leadership and presentation skills, and I continued to grow by mentoring designers and non-designers.

Now, as the co-founder of a startup, I wear numerous hats each day. Ambiguity is frequent, but through design process I work to bring order to chaos.  I'm a determined self-starter as I fill roles I haven't done in the past such as research and marketing. Being at the helm of a small company has required closer partnerships with customers and has heightened my sense of empathy and fueled my passion for what we are building. 

Feel free to say hi, I'm always up for a sketchbook lunch or chat.



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