Windows 8 People App

The People app was one of the built-in apps in Windows 8. It functioned as a social address book that connected to networks like Facebook and Twitter.

I was responsible for the interaction and visual design of the contact components which included the home page, navigation, snap design, sharing to people, posting messages, favorites, and Me page. I also worked on the picker used throughout the OS for selecting and adding people within apps.

The opening page showed the contact list with social media capabilities.
The Me page allowed you to update your profile, post messages to social networks and view notifications.
The rich contact page for people in your address book. It allowed for contacting and seeing posts and photos for that person.
Contact Edit
The edit view for a contact which was designed with the touch experience in mind.
Snap was a narrower view apps designed for to allow for multi-tasking between apps.
This is a sample redline that included diacritics and the 20pt grid for localization and cohesion of design across the system.
Windows People Picker
The picker used to select people within Windows 8.
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