Windows 8 Start Screen Background

In Windows 8 I was part of a small group of in-house visual designers selected to create Start screen background art for the new OS. Our goal was to create illustrations that were engaging, but simple enough to not detract from the tiles.

The final illustration I created was used in promotions for the Windows 8 launch in Times Square and in commercials for Windows Surface and Dell.

Windows 8 Surface Tablet
Bird Start background behind Windows 8 live tiles.
Concept and Final Art
The top image was my concept art. The final art refined the bird, flowers, and added movement to the string.
Customizing colors
The final assets included several base colors to allow for colorization, so people could customize their background.
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A Windows 8.1 commercial showing the bird wallpaper and the Store.  The Fun and Screen View Win 8 commercials also have the bird wallpaper.

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